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“Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now.” – Jack Kerouac


Games and Sports are an integral part of educational curriculum today as they help to produce healthy bodies as well as mind to co-operate in all skillful pursuits. Fitness has a very important place in each one's life and rightly so sports and games not only shape up the exterior but also reduce tension levels and nurture the spirit of sportsmanship. The sports faculty of Somerville School, Greater NOIDA plays a significant role in letting the students enjoy the benefits of physical education.

Yoga is also taught in the school for the development of a healthy mind and body.

Various Inter Class and Inter House Competitions and field and track athletic events are conducted in the school to reiterate the importance of physical growth and development of students. Some of the major sports taught in the school are Volleyball, Football, Basket Ball, Cricket.